Making it at HSS - what's it really like?

Want to know what it's really like to work here? We'll let our HSSers take it from here.


"Before I joined HSS Hire, I ran a successful pizza franchise in Limerick, Waterford and Killarney for about 6 years but I really wanted to try something different maintaining the same good product paired with a transport aspect. I had a friend who was working at HSS and they had mentioned there was a vacancy which I jumped at. I had my interview and started within the week.

I began to realise the variety in the role and how interesting the business was once I had started working here. No two days were the same, which was something I enjoyed immediately and that is one of the reasons I have stayed with the company for 14 years, along with the training and promotional aspects available.

I started at HSS Hire as a Sales Consultant but since then I have been developed and promoted to a Branch of Excellence Manager which I love. The challenges I face in my role make my day to day working life fun and exciting. Having completed the Centre of Excellence training a few years ago, I now help to train up new colleagues when they first start with the business which I really enjoy.  

I love the changes I have seen over the past 14 years as HSS has grown from a small city centre branch to a huge business in a new state of the art premises complete with a large yard and training facilities. It is certainly not the same company I joined all those years ago, now it is a true leader in the market and one I am proud to say I am a part of."


"Before HSS, I had finished my NVQ level 3 in Childcare & Education at college and then went on to manage a baby room within a day nursery. I had a family member that had worked for HSS Hire for many years so I knew from them that it was a great business to be a part of.

In 2015, an opportunity came up to join HSS as a Sales Consultant and I jumped at it! I did pretty well in my first few months and shortly after passing my probation, I was given my first promotion to Branch Manager in Waltham Abbey, and a CDC Branch Sales Manager in Harlow shortly after that. Now, I am an Area Sales Manager and have been for the last 2 years and I am comfortable knowing this is a role I belong in.

I have stayed with the business as I have always been developed and have never been held back. For me, HSS Hire is the best business to work for as I feel I have been developed, supported and treated like a member of the family every single day.

A key way in which I was both supported and developed was when I was selected to complete a Level 3 ILM in Leadership. This was a great opportunity, but having to manage my working day with my studying and personal life was tough. However, HSS really helped me through it and I knew I could lean on any of my colleagues to assist me and support me throughout the entire process.

I love that HSS Hire has a proven track record of developing their colleagues, and I’m proof. Everyone here seems to just get on and there is such a family feel right across the business. Everyone is there for each other or at the other end of the phone if ever I need it and I love HSS for that."


"Before I joined HSS I was a young man simply trying to find his niche. I worked for a property development firm after finishing my carpentry diploma at college, before moving on to data caballing and then a football scholarship. I then worked a very enjoyable 3 years at Ladbrokes until I received an offer to attend an interview with HSS Hire.

Little did I know my HSS journey would start there as I was interviewed by the one and only Craig Cherry, a Key Account Director at HSS. I had researched the company prior to my interview although at the time I didn’t know much about who HSS were, or know anything about ‘The Hire Game’. However, coming from working on building sites I had an initial interest and was excited for a new challenge.

I started at HSS on the implant team at Kier. I had a fantastic time working with one of our key customers and I certainly learnt a lot. I was promoted to team leader a year on, supporting our rapidly growing team. Another year on I was promoted again and given the opportunity to become an area sales manager.

During my time at HSS, I have had plenty of learning and development from my mentors and peers. This includes product knowledge courses, health and safety, and sales. However, the real training and knowledge I have benefited from most is listening and working with colleagues of all roles within my day to day working life.

The best thing about working for HSS is that no day is ever the same and you’re constantly faced with new challenges. Whether you’re a driver, operations manager, sales manager or director everyone is treated equally, and colleagues of all roles are approachable and supportive of one another.

I have continued to stay with HSS because to put it simply I love the company and I love the people. I have personally been rewarded and given opportunities during my 5 years that I have taken with both hands. For me it is not just a job, this is a career and a big part of my life.

HSS has benefited me so much personally that I will be forever grateful for. When I first started I was still living at my parents and riding to work on my Vespa Scooter, to eventually passing my driving test and getting my first car to now having a company car. I have also bought a house and have gone on holidays of a lifetime. All of that wouldn’t have been possible without the opportunities HSS have offered to me.

Long may the journey continue..."


“Back in 2015, I must admit that I’d never heard of HSS. I’d joined Phones 4u straight from school and worked my way up from a seasonal sales assistant to an HR advisor role in London. It was the only company I’d known, so when they went into administration it was a very scary time. I was worried I’d never find another company that felt like ‘home’.

I connected with Karen Clifford, one of our HR business partners on LinkedIn, and soon found myself in a regional HR advisor role. In just my first week here, I knew I’d found something very special. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and couldn’t do enough for me. The processes were a bit different than I was used to and everything was done at a million miles an hour - but that’s what made it so interesting!

I started off covering London and the South East. Three and a half years later this has grown to become the ‘South’ and now includes, All Seasons Hire and Groundcare. I enjoyed more exposure to complex and interesting cases than I’d ever done before. Every morning, I genuinely wake up raring to go and look forward to the new challenges that will come my way. I also love the flexibility to be creative. If you think something would work better another way, you’re given the autonomy to create something new.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my dogs. My entire world seems to revolve around them. So, working at slightly different times is really beneficial to me. Our depots often start operating from 2 or 3am, so I often arrive there at 5am and begin my day much earlier. This gives me the flexibility to get home earlier for my beloved Daisy and Spencer!

I absolutely love working for HSS. The people are great. The managers are so supportive. And there’s a brand new challenge waiting around every corner. I’d definitely recommend working here!


“My journey at HSS started back in March 1999, as an assistant branch manager at the King’s Cross branch. I was then able to move around different branches in the area, constantly developing my skills and management style, whilst learning about different aspects of our business.

When I wanted to take a step up, I became branch manager at our Kilburn branch, before moving around quite a lot, helping to improve several different branches across London. I was then unfortunately taken ill and had to take two months off work. During this time, and ever since, the management team has been very supportive and understanding of my illness. Although sometimes the side effects still crop up, I’m stress free, knowing the company will support me when I need to have time away.

When I heard about a fantastic new opportunity at our HSS Onsites team – I jumped at the chance. HSS Onsites are basically mini-branches based on major construction sites that support contractors on a daily basis with their tool, equipment and training needs. Since taking on the role I’ve worked onsite at Bloomberg, the US Embassy and Canary Wharf.

The main reason I’ve stayed with HSS for so long is the knowledge they’ve provided me with. I now know so much about various roles, procedures and stock. My good understanding of the business makes my role very fulfilling and enables me to assist my colleagues when they require a little bit of ‘expert’ advice.

The training I’ve been offered here is unbelievable! I must have done around 20 courses in just my first nine months. There’s so much to learn from our HSS training courses for new starters and longer servers like me who want to keep on improving our knowledge. I’m so grateful for the opportunities HSS have given me over the years.”


“When I left school I mainly worked in temporary roles for agencies until a friend recommended HSS to me. I went for a full-time role in our West Street shop in Glasgow. They said it was a great place to work and would suit me - how right they were!

I joined HSS in Test & Run at the age of 21, all the way back in 1998. I did this for six months before being promoted to counter assistant in our Rutherglen branch. I thoroughly enjoyed this. The interaction with customers really suited my outgoing personality. In 2003, I then took on my first management role in the South Street depot in Glasgow. HSS have continually offered me room to grow and develop. It’s why I want to stay part of the HSS family.

I’ve gone on to manage and work in all of our branches across the West of Scotland. It’s been a fantastic experience and something most businesses cannot offer their employees!

In 2015, my wife and I made the decision to join the rest of her family who had moved to Ireland. HSS were more than happy to help me and my family to relocate and become branch manager of their Derry store. It’s great being part of our Ireland team in the Northern Ireland region. It strikes me just how similar everyone is. The fantastic HSS team spirit is the same from Glasgow to Belfast with everyone sharing the same passion for giving our customers a great service. It’s wonderful to be part of this team.

The one thing I feel that has always been fantastic about my journey in HSS is the opportunities the business has always given me. I started in Test & Run, worked my way around Glasgow and into management, and then took my career to another country. And I’ve enjoyed every minute!”


“In the summer of 2008, I joined the HSS Contact Centre team in Manchester as a Sales Consultant. I was only coming for 6 weeks on an education break. But here I am over 10 years later!

During my time at HSS, I’ve taken on a variety of roles ranging from Sales Controller and Personal Assistant to Team Leader and Branch Development Manager. In between all that, I had a small welcome break when my little boy arrived into the world. I can honestly say that if you want a career and have the determination to succeed and progress - this is the company for you! HSS are really supportive. Whatever training you need, they are on hand to help.

I really enjoy being part of the HSS family. There are colleagues all over the country who are on hand to support and encourage you in whatever you do. I’ve built some amazing relationships with so many people. It feels like home from home. Although I can’t wear my dressing gown and slippers! I’ll continue to work here, as long as there’s a position for me that will help me grow as a business woman and person.”


“I joined HSS because I love working with people and talking face-to-face to customers. It’s the environment I thrive in. Finding new business and building relationships with customers old and new is very exciting.

When I had my interview and met people at HSS, I got a real sense of teamwork with everyone helping each other out. To me being able to rely on your colleagues to work together as a team to provide the best service to our customers - is the most important part of working for a company. I’d feel more than happy to call any colleague in HSS and know they’d do the upmost to help me.

Over the years here, I’ve built up my knowledge of the tool hire industry. I’ve learnt about what our customers need to get the job done and all about the products and new equipment we can supply to make our customers’ lives that little bit easier. It’s really interesting. We also have great fun and have a laugh with our customers and colleagues. This makes our working day an enjoyable experience.

HSS has benefited my life. I’ve built friendships with colleagues and customers that will last for years to come. I‘ve developed a great knowledge of the tool hire industry. And I’m always learning new and innovative ideas with help from the HSS team. What more could you ask for from a job?”


“18 years ago, I had a tough time with redundancies. My wife had just given birth to my daughter and we’d also moved into a new house. I needed a good job. Then I saw a recruitment advert for HSS in the local newspaper that was just half a mile from home. It was for a direct telesales role that involved calling new and existing customers to boost sales and arrange appointments for our sales team.

I soon enjoyed my new surroundings and suddenly everything was looking up. I was made a supervisor and given responsibility for reporting, colleague reviews and going out to our wider business to promote what my team could offer our sales force. This helped me develop new skills and grow my confidence, as I presented to colleagues and customers.

I then took up the challenge of developing a way for HSS to intercept missed calls from our branches. HR gave me great training and helped me develop my interviewing, management and recruitment skills, so I could supervise a team of around 15 colleagues. I then moved into regional sales roles, visiting and building relationships with customers and identifying new business opportunities. I found talking to and selling to customers face-to-face really rewarding. HSS are great at developing people and giving you the chance to progress.

A few years later, I took the opportunity to manage our Key Account Contact Centre team at Head Office. This made the most of the skills I’d developed. And I’ve been here ever since, developing lasting relationships with my colleagues and customers who trust and rely on my team, and this great company to supply them day in, day out. A career at HSS really draws you in. No two days are the same. HSS is all about its people. Our people make this company what it is.”

“I’ve stayed here so long because of the people around me and the great working environment.”

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